What I do

These services can be combined and customized to suit your specific needs.


Parties (closeup or strolling show)

At parties or receptions, Shreeyash creates intimate miracles right in your guests' hands and minds. He has performed this type of magic for the Mayor of Chicago, the President of Amherst College and Indian royalty. This type of performance is booked by the hour.

Colleges and Clubs (stand-up show)

With a microphone, a light, and a fixed performance space Shreeyash provides a fun, interactive high-energy show that people never forget. This show is a hit at colleges, corporate events, museums and large parties. Bespoke show can run 30-60 minutes.

Theaters (stage show)

On stage Shreeyash's unique showcase of Indian illusions performed with assistants always brings down the house. This show was held over in Chicago and New Haven and featured on TV in Cincinnati. This show runs 60-90 minutes and features traditional Indian magic like Bed of Nails, Indian Rope Trick, and the East Indian Needle Mystery.


This exciting educational lecture reveals ancient mysteries of Indian magic or jadoo. The presentation can include a slide show, video clips, demonstrations, or special interactive workshops for performing artists. This presentation has been a hit at colleges, on cruise ships, in libraries and at magic shops worldwide.


Shreeyash can help you add magic to your movie, TV show, play, music video or dance.