Not your everyday abracadabra man.
— The Times of India
Shreeyash Palshikar

Shreeyash was born in India thirteen days after Halloween into a family of priests, prophets and magicians. His great great grandfather was a Mormon prophet, his grandfather a Hindu priest, his uncle was a magician, so it was only natural that he would study the magical arts from an early age. He has studied with leading magicians, acting and writing teachers in the US, UK, and with India's few remaining jadoowallas.

He first performed on stage in grade school, and has continued to travel the world entertaining people ever since.  Combining the best of Eastern and Western magic, Shreeyash has created a unique fusion magical style that appeals to people worldwide. In Europe, Asia, and all across the US, royalty, mayors, college professors and presidents, corporate CEOs and executives enjoy his fun, unique, and sophisticated performances.

Shreeyash holds a PhD in South Asian studies at The University of Chicago and has taught at Oxford, Yale, and the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He also offers engaging interactive talks on the ancient and dying Indian magical traditions.

Currently based near Philadelphia, he is offering world class magic on the mainline and beyond.