What is Jadoo?
جادو jādū (Z. yātu, S. yatu-dhāna), Conjuration, magic; juggling; a conjurer; metaphorically applied to the eyes and eye-brows of a mistress.
— Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary, Francis Joseph Steinglass

Jadoo means magic in Persian and Indian languages. It is the oldest, most mysterious performing art of India. Traditional magicians, or jadoowallas, are heirs to a magical tradition that dates back to the dawn of human civilization.

Shreeyash has spent decades studying the dying art of jadoo and has lived in India for years studying from the last of the traditional jadoowallas. Prior to the colonial period, jadoowallas enjoyed royal patronage for their art. Their fortunes have declined for decades and the few who remain perform on the streets and encourage their children to abandon the family business to enter more lucrative professions. Jadoo is astounding because the performers use simple objects under challenging conditions and create real miracles like the Sands of the Desert, Indian Basket trick, and the East Indian needle mystery...